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I vividly remember visiting with Véroni at his home in Johannesburg in 1979 after he returned from completing his doctoral research studies in the USA. It was while drinking coffee in his kitchen that he shared with me his excitement and passion for the world of Bible translation. In his words he told me, “I have a dream”- it was a dream to establish an indigenous Bible translation ministry that would be borne and grow on the continent of Africa. ‘The Word for the World’ (what a powerful name!) was then founded by Véroni and me in 1981. Later on, the battle cry for TWFTW was formed: “God’s Word for everyone in his/her own hart language.”
TWFTW is a hugely successful international Bible translation organisation, seated with a select few major international role players in the world of Bible translation. Véroni once wrote, “When we started out, many people thought we were attempting the impossible. Today all our dreams have begun to be realized.”
Let God’s Word speak: You will succeed, “…’Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit’, says the LORD Almighty. What are you, mighty mountain?… You will become level ground.”
(Zech. 4:6-7)
PJ VIVIER – Chairperson TWFTW International – July 2020